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Secularism Starts at Home

Posted by Ryan on September 6, 2013 at 10:45 AM

   The world around us is changing very quickly. One of the things we often hear is people concerned because of how “secular” this country has become due to the efforts of the “ACLU” and other such organizations. Evangelicals frequently lament the removal of the Ten Commandments or Bible teaching or prayer from public schools and other government spaces. And while perhaps one might blame the ACLU for the decline in civil religion in this nation, I would like to suggest a cause that hits much closer to home. Should it surprise us that the nation we live in is becoming so secular when the lives of church-goers are nearly as “God-free” as their atheist neighbors?

   We can’t blame secularists for the removal of the Ten Commandments from public when so many Christians do not even try to live their own lives by them. It is one thing to want them displayed, another to obey them. We can’t simply blame other groups for the end of prayer in public schools when - for many Christians - the only time they pray is perhaps before a meal or when they see the “blue lights” in the rearview mirror. We can’t blame atheists for the end of Bible readings in public schools when so many Christians scarcely open their own Bibles through the week.

   If we desire to see God glorified by and in this country, it begins in our own homes, with us and the way that we live out this life. Before blaming others for the decline of civil religion in this land, consider your own spiritual disciplines. Are you reading God’s word every day? The Bible says that the man of God meditates on God’s word “day and night” (Psa. 1). If you are married, are you having family worship everyday? Are you coming before the Father regularly in prayer? God is the only One who is truly ready and able to help His children.

   Christ died so that the saints of God may enjoy these privileges, these tokens of heaven. Do not mourn be-cause the nation has become secularized; mourn because Christians have become secularized. Pray with me that God would pour out His Spirit such that we in His church would be models of godliness and the pursuit of godliness to our communities.