First Presbyterian Church

302 Summit Street | Winona, Miss. | 662.283.2487

About First Presbyterian Church

At First Presbyterian Church we believe that the greatest gift we can give to our community is to faithfully proclaim and witness to the salvation of Jesus Christ as He is offered in the gospel. This is the mission that Christ gave His church when He ascended into heaven, and it remains the way that we as a congregation of Christ’s saints seek to bless the Crossroads area.

In our church government, we are Presbyterian. That means that we look to the Scripture to teach us how to “run the church.” We have elders and deacons who sit in church “courts” to address the various needs and issues of this congregation. Our elders make up the “session” which exercises spiritual oversight for the congregation. The deacons on the diaconate minister spiritually to the physical needs of our congregation.

In our theology, we are Reformed. That means that we strive to form our beliefs based on the teachings of Christ and His Apostles. In the 16th and 17th Centuries, when error was particularly rampant in the church, several godly men attempted to re-form the church after the teaching of Scripture and purge her from the doctrines and commandments of men that had crept in over the centuries. The spiritual descendants of these men have been known as the Reformed ever since. The Westminster Standards comprise a brief summary of our beliefs and the teaching of Scripture.

In our worship, we are God-Centered. That means that when we come to this meeting house, we come not simply because we want to or feel like or are looking forward to the fellowship (though we do!); we come because God commands it – and invites us to come! Our worship is intended first and foremost to glorify God in song, prayer, and preaching. As such, our worship does not include some of the “popular” trends of today, because we want to keep worship centered on and focused on God: what He has done in Christ and what He is doing. Because it is God who invites us to worship Him, we believe that only God may command what "happens" in worship, and as such our worship is regulated by the Word of God. The Scripture teaches us that God is present with His people when they worship Him according to His commands, and so we look to His word to tell us what He desires in His worship. And we trust that when we worship God the way He desires, we will recieve a blessing too.